Using Trash to Turn on the Lights

Waste To Energy Landfill in Oklahoma

No question Oklahoma needs energy. And, lots of it.

As a company focused on Tulsa’s future, American Environmental Landfill is meeting this need by using non-recyclable waste we col­lect every day to generate power for the community. How much power? Today, we’re generating enough electricity to power over 4800 homes across Green Country!

Not only is our system helping the power needs of families, but we’re also offsetting fossil fuel consumption and reducing greenhouse gas to create a huge environmental plus for Tulsa. By converting thousands of tons of trash per day into energy, our waste to energy project is helping protect the region’s air and water quality from increased carbon emissions.

We’re also adding on decades of life to the roughly 220 acres of permitted landfill space that we own as we dramatically reduce waste material and boost revenue to keep costs under control for our customers.

Remember, no matter what your business needs are, you can count on us to provide you with the best disposal service and resources available to achieve success. Just ask us how…

As Tulsa’s leading waste to energy landfill, we’re able to offer an unparalleled range of solutions to help your company’s sustainability goals. We also can provide free consultation at any time to help you waste less as a business and keep your costs low.

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