AEL is a quiet and productive neighbor. That’s because AEL makes every effort to ensure everyday operations are as trouble-free as possible. AEL’s well-trained employees help make our landfills good neighbors by carrying out such daily tasks as compaction of waste; daily covering; use of litter fences; removal of stray debris; and watering on-site roads.

American Environmental Landfill is constructed of two foot clay liner, Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL), 60 mil HPPE Liner, Geo-Net, Leachate collection system, two feet sand blanket and a special interceptor water line to ensure water is kept away from the landfill. AEL’s multiple scales provide easy and quick access to dispose of incoming waste and keeps the premises secure. Each scale can weigh up to 200,000 lbs.

AEL is also the only solid waste facility in Oklahoma that provides customers with access to a state of the art Wheel Washer, a high volume low pressure system designed to remove waste and mud from wheels and frame of trucks. Our wheel washing system ensures all trucks are in compliance with Oklahoma Department of Transportation’s regulations.

With over 220 acres of permitted landfill space available, AEL is the largest landfill in the state, assuring the most cost effective long-term disposal solution available in our region.