Stuff You Never Knew You Could Compost

At AEL, we have a strange tendency to think about unusual ways to reduce our waste and recycle stuff. Call us odd but we’ve been considering the things we compost (fruit, vegetable peels, leaves, grass clippings) and what could be added to the list to help stop waste (I wanted to say pile, but held back.)

Remember, composting is an excellent way to take organic residue of our households and turn it into something useful like nutrients for plants. It reduces our landfill footprint and helps the environment.

Here are some things you may not have thought of for composting:

• Vacuum dirt and dust is great for composting. It’s just mostly particles of organic matter…dead skin, lint, so forth. Empty it on the pile each time you vacuum. Hopefully that’s more than once a decade.LOL

• Kitchen stuff. That includes tea bags, coffee grounds and filters, crumbs, pizza boxes, stale bread, wine corks, moldy cheese, and old jam. Don’t do meat or dairy…they attract too many critters.

• Pets. Yes, even Lu lu’s nail clippings, fur, cat litter and pet food are up for grabs. Just keep the pooh out due to the toxins and germs.

• Household odds and ends. Didn’t know what you’d ever do with that old potpourri did you? Compost it. Also, throw in some used matches, newspapers, receipts, sticky notes, and pencil shavings.

That’s really only the tip of the iceberg (I mean compost pile) when it comes to the time honored tradition of composting. If we have time in other posts, we’ll list some others.

Well, peace out, and keep composting.

Remember, you’re doing something good for the earth, so keep at it.