Equipment Spotlight: Our Bomag Helps Pack in the Trash

Tulsa, Oklahoma Landfill

For years, AEL has used the Bomag refuse compactor to help increase our refuse compaction capabilities and extend the life of our landfill. AEL is the primary landfill facility of refuse disposal for Tulsa County and relies on high performance compactors to ensure that refuse is compacted at the highest possible density.

Achieving that density improves the overall running surface of the landfill and decreases water penetration as well as the fire potential from spontaneous combustion and gas emissions. High-density performance also reduces air voids to increase the overall capacity of the landfill.

We’ve used a Bomag for many years now and know it to be the toughest, most productive compactor in the industry. Bomag’s wheel design is well regarded as the best in the industry, not only extending the life of the machine, but providing more effective compaction through deeper teeth penetration into the trash pile.