One of the Cleanest Landfills in America

AEL provides one of the most attractive and environmentally sound landfills in Oklahoma. AEL not only provides sound disposal options, we also take great pains to beautify our area and make our landfill into something we can all be proud of. Our facility has a system of layers that are engineered so that the ground […]

4 Ways We Make Our Landfill Greener

It’s no secret that we set the standard for landfills in Oklahoma. As a company that stakes its reputation on caring for the environment, we’ve done a number of things to help our landfills become the greenest in the state. For example… Litter Litter control is achieved through litter control fences, daily covering, proper compaction […]

Reuse It When You Can…

Here are some unique ways to swap out disposable items for re-useable ones. We call it our re-usables brainstorming list. Can you think of any more? • Rechargeable batteries. • Replace napkins and paper towels with washable towels. This is a hard one. • Purchase a reusable shopping bag. • Water filter instead of buying […]