Stuff You Never Knew You Could Compost

At AEL, we have a strange tendency to think about unusual ways to reduce our waste and recycle stuff. Call us odd but we’ve been considering the things we compost (fruit, vegetable peels, leaves, grass clippings) and what could be added to the list to help stop waste (I wanted to say pile, but held […]

Brand New Water Truck

Check out our awesome new water truck. It looks like a haul truck, but instead of a bed where dirt would ordinarily go, it has a tank to hold 8000 gallons of water!! We love it and so do our customers. The truck is one of kind marvel: not only is it new, but it […]

We’re Good at What We Do

Tulsa, Oklahoma Landfill

With over 220 acres of permitted landfill space available for construction, our waste to energy landfill is committed to Tulsa‚Äôs future and assuring the safest and most cost effective disposal solution available in Green Country. We have diverted more waste from the waste stream than any other company. And, with our Waste to Energy facility […]